The Land of Waterfalls

Gulaca assumes an irregular shape extending from 36 meters above sea level in the southern part up to the complex igneous formations that rise up to 2.102 meters in the Cordillera de Talamanca (which connects to the central valley of Costa Rica and continues in Panama with mountains or highlands named Cordillera de Chiriquí or Serranía del Tabasará).

The territory is mainly livestock implying that much of its soil cover (except the forest reserve of Fortuna) shows disturbances culturally induced.
By its topographic conditions, Gualaca manifests two distinct climatest. In the low and intermediate land the climate is humid tropical and very humid temperate high experienced in the northern part of the district.

In Gualaca you may find turistic places such as:

  • Forest Reserve of Fortuna
  • Waterfalls of Los Angeles
  • Los Saltos de Quebrada Lajas
  • The watrefalls of Ñeque and Los Guayabos
  • Los Cuatro saltos del Estí
  • Los Cangilones
  • La Meseta de Chorcha
  • La Quebrada del Chorro
  • The Regional Museum of Gualaca
  • Los natural attractions of Paja de Sombrero
  • The petroglyphs of Galerita
  • The Water Resources
  • The Church of Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles
  • Las Competencias de Lazo
  • Agricultural Production, and more.
Los Cangilones Gualaca