The history says that the name Dolega comes from two terms used by the Doraces indigenous: Dole=hummingbird, ga=bush, which means “the place of the hummingbird”, naturally it was modified through the time.

The district bordered to the north with the district of Boquete, south and east with David, and to the west with the districts of David and Boqueron.

Most of the geological foundation of the district is made ​​up of volcanic rocks with unconsolidated sediment erosion materials such as pebbles and gravel.

The district for being within the tropical rainy area, is affected by two seasonal periods, one dry and one wet. The dry season covers the months from December to April and rainy from May to November.

The district has a variety of tourist attractions such as water place El Caño, Los Almohadones, natural water place of David river, the path of the line, the colonial waterfall, the historic Church of St. Francis of Assisi, the popular garden Tres Estrellas, etc.

In Dolega you may find turistic places such as:

  • The watering places of Majagua and La Cascada
  • The Gazer of Potrerillos
  • Colonial Bells of Dolega Church
  • Trapiches of Dos Rios and Tinajas
  • Waterfall in Cochea river (La Acequia)
  • The murals of Rincon Largo (Los Anastacios)
  • Waterfall of Quebrada in Las Lajas (Los Anastacios)
  • Murals and tower of Saint Joseph of David Cathedral
  • Majagua river (Rovira)
River in Dolega