David is situated on a coastal plain and is known for being the center of trade, livestock and agro-industrial in the province of Chiriqui.

David settled in a coastal plain called the plain near Chiriqui Lagoon, where predominates  a typical tropical climate with dry summers  (January to April) and rainy winters (April to December) with an annual average temperature of 31 ° C during the day and 26 ° C overnight.

David has become one of the most visited destinations in Panama and this has resulted in a large growth of the economy.

You may find banks, shopping centers, the renew central par Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, hotels, restaurants, bus terminal (second larger bus terminal in Panama), international airpot Enrique Malek and more. The district of David is close to the district of Alanje, Boquete, Bugaba.

In David you may find turistic places such as:

  • Gallegos Foundation and Culturama (oldest building of the city)
  • San Pablo Museum
  • The Marine of Pedregal
  • Marine Park Gulf of Chiriqui (Paridas Island, Gamez)
  • Platanal river (located in San Pablo Nuevo)
  • Risacua river
  • Murals and tower of Saint Joseph of David Cathedral
Central Park Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra